Week five of the build season has just started. Our week started on Saturday when Aquinas Team 4011 asked for help with CNC machining. Ready to share what we use daily, we were more than happy to assist another team that needed our help. Along with the pieces Team 4011 needed, our team needed to cut new brackets for our robot’s shoulder. The programming team, on the other hand, is working on self-balancing software for the charge station at the end of the match. With all that, we’re very excited to get CHARGED UP!


Build progress has been great! To the left, you can see team members Nolan and Jack discussing our robot’s arm. To the right, you can see team member Leo and mentor Bennet with one of the completed swerve drive modules.

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Kick-Off and Week One

The 2023 First Robotics Season’s game has finally been released! Our team is gearing up for a great season, and some immense brainstorming has begun! The official game title is CHARGED UP and charged up we are. Best of luck to all FRC teams getting electrified for the season’s fun and challenges ahead!

We’re getting CHARGED UP

The new season is going to start soon and The Sir Lancer Bots are gearing up for a full season of fun, challenges, and robots. A new robot and team members are already here and were hitting the ground running as soon as kickoff happens.

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